Wrecked Installation

Having organised the space with the rest of the MA first year class I have a space in the corner of the room that includes an old Belfast sink – something I thought might be an interesting thing to throw in giving the nature of the work – that allows the square footage immediately around the sink and the two adjacent walls. After some experimenting with the space I’ve decided on a few things:
I am resting a projector on a plinth I have painted black that projects my video directly above the sink, the frame width matching the width of the sink base and splash back tiles. 
As it currently stands the projection is slightly too low meaning the image is interfered with by the taps. While considering how best to inject more context about the wreckage itself into the piece I had been trawling through all of the coastguard reports on the site, which it has occurred to me, printed, the combined documents provide just enough height when stacked to elevate the projector to the right height to miss the taps. I’m considering painting the edges of the paper black to match the plinth, a subtle nod to the colouring of the film. 
A large still from the film made of 9 xerox printed A3 pages that I was planning on showing alongside the work I am now considering omitting from the piece as the projector set up is beginning to feel like quite a nice self-contained installation of sorts, and the large size of the print is distracting and makes the corner seem unconsidered and unnecessarily busy. 
I’ve been thinking about a way to incorporate the sink into the whole piece, since it’s now an unmissable part of it. Similar to above, and to replace the missing reference to the blackness of the water in the print, I want to fill the sink with water blackened with the paint used to make the plinth so it mirrors, in the space, what’s seen throughout the video, a kind of ever-present reminder of both its literal subject and my feelings behind it. I also might experiment with layering the surface of the water with something – maybe black spray paint – to add another element to the visual.
On the floor between the projector and sink I’m also going to place a small round stool, painted the same colour as the plinth, where I’ll place around 50 (some may need to spill out onto the floor, maybe in messy knocked-over piles) of the A6 zine I’m making. I now see this being a mixture of stills from the video, my own photos and found images from the boat report, specifically the 3D images and sonar scans that have some of the same grit and darkness to them as the film, especially when printed out in xerox black and white. 
As I’m keen for the video to be seen. By as many people as possible and know the restrictions of access to the exhibition, but don’t want to waste any opportunity to premiere on an external platform, I am also going to make he video available to view on on the video page of a new website portfolio I am making for my work, but not during the hours the exhibition is open. After the show is over I will either take the video down completely or replace with stills. 


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