With a basic structure in place – Introductory landscape shots that give a sense of the space, ones that I’ve deiced to place as half mini DV, half SLR-shot diptychs, for a balance of beauty of photography and energy; rougher,  candid iPhone-shots of the community, again placed as a triptych so the result os more a barrage and overall view of island life; DV-shot interview footage telling the oral history of the wreckage; footage of a boat journey to the site of the wreckage – and a rough plan of how to best manipulate the footage to change the overall tone of the piece, namely dark, desaturated colouring and a booming drone soundtrack made of manipulated incidental sound, I am now unsure how to best communicate the narrative and purpose of the piece. I have been happy for previous work to exist as is, and for any meaning imbued remain unclear, but for some reason with this piece, the meaning seems so pertinent but easily missed or misunderstood.

I’ve considered the use of a voiceover, perhaps something taken from some further interviews I plan to do, perhaps to include interview via phone, skype, etc. or even a scripted voiceover, either could be included in the print zine, though I’d need to find the best way of doing this without ruining the look of the thing. A part of me, however, thinks this might be my experience of digital engagement with online video creeping in. Another option might be to include a short piece of text to give context and include this as a card on the film as well as in a print zine, perhaps very small and only at the beginning, end or both.

As for the overall exhibition/display of work I’ve decided to attempt to cover all bases I hope to explore through my final project: a physical piece that exists within the gallery space in the form of a wall print made of 9 xeroxed A3 sheets, a physical takeaway in the form of an 24-page A6 photo book, and a digital element, whereby for the hours that the exhibition doors are open, I will have the video playing on loop on a new website (that will also act as a new portfolio, since I still have to be a grown up and do that.)


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