Takeaways III

I finally have the results of the first practice-research around my takeaways, an artefact representing the CD album in cement. I made a negative mould of the interior of an old CD case using air drying modelling clay – focusing online on the actually part of the inner casing that holds the CD. I then very roughly lined this with cling film and poured in fairly think quick-setting cement. The materials meant that the result has a varied, almost skin-like texture that adds to its fragile appearance – dry, brittle and cracked with loose pieces scattered around. Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 15.54.06

I intended on creating the entire object, but the dismantled and incomplete nature of the result adds to the feeling of this as some relic of the past. I may try also to somehow recreate the front cover in similar means and present together.

I also plan to continue this as a series in various materials. Next I plan to have both front and back covered scanned and 3D printed. I’m also looking into the possibilities of somehow having the shapes cast in some kind of metal or glass.


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