Lecture: Paul Coldwell


Artist Paul Coldwell presented a series of past projects that saw the him inspect, interfere with or intrude on spaces he had been invited. In each instance he used observations from the space and its history (via documented evidence) to inform a process of object-making.

This approach flirted at my own idea of creating takeaways (though not technically such here as they remain in the space) from an environment (though here a borrowed, not an imagined space). Objects are also made in unexpected materials, not necessarily related to the space or original in any way:


The idea of creating relics could be approached in the sense of providing a takeaway to continue the experience and thought process ignited by a work, rather the relic itself being the work – possibly in the form of records or observations from said experience.

This process reminded me of Throbbing Gristle’s Very Friendly, an interpretation of the murder of Edward Evans from a transcript of the infamous Moors Murders, where lyrics are given unnecessary attention to various mundane details:

It was just an ordinary day in Manchester.
Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, drinking German wine.

Somehow the details give a new sense of perspective – a step back – to allow viewer / listener to view the event within the context of actual events, very different to that of sensational headlines that had previously led the story.



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