Identified core ideas – interest in absolutes extremes – people’s insistence on setting and living by black and white ideas.

beautiful & ugly / masculine & feminine / success & failure / innocence & guilt / right & wrong / good & evil / life & death / truth & lies / acceptance & rejection /

Intentions: to translate ideas concerned with a small sphere to something accessible.

– Two ideas were defined when reflecting on project proposal:

  1. Present works in the form of an album (an idea I have had since I was a teenager). The (specifically CD format) album provided me with the first instance of a work of art as a totality as I am interested in in this form. A structured artefact communicating ideas in sound, often video (beginning with CD-ROM works, then DVD, and increasingly so the more the internet became a part of this experience) and print media in the form of CD sleeve pull-outs.
  2. A docufiction film, whose origins are concealed to remove the possibility of the viewer knowing for sure if what they are watching is a fictional story, or ‘real’, i.e. a narrative assembled from real-life documentation. The intention would be to use a combination of the two.

– When discussing the latter, a new specific subject matter, as a means of centring ideas and allowing a freer exploration of format and presentation, came about.

Working title: Monster

Using as a starting point the case study of P. Evans – a teacher from my secondary school who was convicted of sexual assault, voyeurism, and amassing 350,000 indecent images of children – to explore the notion of society’s perception of evil, and how a collective tendency to think and communicate in absolutes means we fall short of any real understanding of why certain things happen and remove the possibility of positive change.


Provide restrictions: set time frame to get as far as possible with some incarnation of the above project (Week 11 – Wednesday 16 November).


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