Collections from pre doom diary:


Stuart Mashall, Blue Boys, 1992 from unknown magazine

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 09.39.07.png

Peter De Potter, The Vanity of Certain Flowers


Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 09.33.43.png

Crying on Cue
Laura Nova

Words Tend to be Inadequate
Jenny Holzer / Dallas Cowboys cap


The Buzz Club, Liverpool, UK / Mysterworld,Zaandam, NL Rineke Dijstra

Dutch video artist Rineke Dijkstra captured after-hours revelers at The Buzz Club in Liverpool, England, and Mysteryworld of Zaandam, Netherlands. Displacing club-goers by taking them out of their dancefloor comfort zone and photographing them in a white cube, Dijkstra was renowned for her revealing, anthropological approach in her portraits of isolated social groups, from families at the beach to soldiers in the military

032c magazine, Summer 2015
A new kind of truismsimage1.JPG

The Body: Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain

A Crackup at the Race Riots, Leo Gabin

In the digital sphere ownership is anyone’s game,

something taken literally by Leo Gabin, aka Belgian artist trio Lieven Deconinck,
Gaëtan Begerem and Robin De Vooght. Known for their internet-appropriated lo-fi film
works and paintings rooted in video, their latest offering, previewed here, is a video-
realization of Harmony Korine‘s 1998 novel, A Crack Up at the Race Riots. “When
reading it for the first time, we immediately had the feeling that the way it is written and
constructed would fit perfectly with our approach to video,” explain the artists of the
novel that spawned this film, spliced together in the style typical of the trio’s videowork
from YouTube-sourced footage of everything from natural disasters to at-home dance
performances. Responding to the book’s jagged structure and non-linear narrative
made up of “short stories, list, rumors, suicide notes and jokes”, the video is instead an
assemblage of contemporary comparisons: namely the “weird, funny, sad and absurd
shit” stumbled upon whilst surfing the web. “When making an adaptation of the novel it
was just very interesting to use this library of already existing scenes, fragments, jokes
and monologues.”

Can you talk me through the process of sourcing the material you use in your
video works? 

Leo Gabin: We are mainly interested in self-shot footage by amateurs, mostly teens.
As for the film, the backdrop of the ‘story’ is Florida, so we started searching for a lot of
imagery of the southern state after being hit hard by the economical collapse and real
estate crash. Once you start a search you will get offered new clips relating to the
theme in the sidebars, creating an endless chain you can follow.

There’s a big question mark over authorship of art rooted in reappropriation,
what’s your view on this?

LG: With the huge impact of the internet and easy access to all this personal material
that is uploaded on a daily basis, it seems very relevant to make use of it. By doing so
it automatically raises questions about authorship and privacy, to us this is part of the
work. But we don’t consider what we do to be pure appropriation art, it is more in the
Dada mindset.

What are your top 5 videos on YouTube?
LG: the one with the fight the one with the girl dancing the one with the room tour the
one with the cat the one with the guys watching a youtube video.

Kathleen Hanna “The Middle Of The Night In My House”

Jenny Holzer, Times Square 1992



PHARMAKON, Paris 27/09/2014



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